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OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Coat Care Functional Treats 170g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL COAT CARE treats are suitable for all dogs, paying special attention to your friend’s furry coat with the addition of omega 3 and 6. These treats are not only delicious, they also aid your dog in looking his or her best!

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Denta Care Functional Treats 170g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL DENTA CARE sticks contain a naturally-occurring marine limestone that is used (amongst others) as an active ingredient in toothpaste for humans. Its abrasive action helps to remove harmful tartar from the teeth, before it calcifies and turns into plaque. Say hello to your pooch’s fresh, minty breath!

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Flaties Steak Meaty Treats 120g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL MEATY TREATS are just waiting to be discovered by your dog’s wandering, wet nose! Your pooch will love our tasty FLATTIES that are packed with moreish meat and Omega 6 to keep their tails wagging and their skin and coats glistening!

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Lite Low Fat Biscuits 500g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL LITE LOW FAT biscuits are delicious and nutritious, while containing a lower caloric value – perfect for those health-conscious pooches wanting to keep in shape. It is a great-tasting treat, with the added benefit of combating tartar build-up!


OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL PUPPY biscuits, specially for the new furry addition to the family. Puppies are weaned from 6 to 8 weeks of age when they develop teeth. They should be fully weaned by eight to ten weeks.

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Rollies Chicken Meaty Treats 120g

For that wandering nose! What do dogs love more than chasing cars, soccer balls or the elusive cat next door? Lip-smacking MEATY TREATS of course. Your dogs will love our tasty ROLLIES that are packed with moreish meat and Omega 6 to keep their tails wagging.

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Senior Biscuits 500g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL SENIOR biscuits for healthy joints, is a complimentary food for the pet companion of an advanced age. Our biscuits make a great snack after an outdoor run, and a well-deserved reward when your pooch has been a “good dog”! Its satisfying taste and crunchy hardness also provide your dog with a gnawing exercise for healthy teeth and gums.

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Supreme Yoghurt Biscuits 500g

To your dog it’s just a tasty treat – they’ll never know it’s good for them! OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL SUPREME biscuits are enriched with vitamins and minerals and then dipped in tasty yoghurt flavoured coating. Yum!