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M-Pets Comfort Crate

This animal crate is sturdy, stain and odour resistant. Sold flat packed. It is easy to assemble and when not in use it can be folded away. The crate has a mesh door on the top and the side, allowing for sufficient ventilation and easier loading of your pet. The crate comes complete with handle and shoulder strap.

M-Pets Flow Crate

Foldable crate that folds up in 20 seconds. Odour & stain-resistant that includes soft cushion inside. Practical carry handle, as well as three openings and two pockets.  Ideal for show dogs/cats and travelling in the car.

M-Pets Giro Pet Carrier

These carriers are ideal for transporting your pet in the car. These carriers have a door on the top and in the front. The top door allows for easier loading of your pet into the carrier. The doors are made of metal and close securely, each with a double lock. The handle on the top allows for comfortable carrying. The 4 side clips ensure that the carriers are securely fastened together.  

M-Pets Serenity Cover

Durable fabric cover for the wire crate range, with windows and pockets. Great for pet shows and privacy.

M-Pets Travel Kit

This travel kit includes a shipping ID sticker, plastic double bowl, ID tag, ‘Live Animal’ sticker and a training pad.

M-Pets Trek Travel Carrier

These carriers conform to IATA (airline) standards and have Ideal for any type of travel (sea, road or air). Each carrier comes with practical handles and the three larger sizes (M, L, XL) include wheels. Suitable for dogs and cats.

M-Pets Viaggio Airline Carrier

Carrier your dog comfortably, safely and securely with the M-Pet travel range These pet carriers are IATA approved and have been approved by Bidair Pet Lounge. Ensuring no hassles when pets need to fly

M-Pets Voyager Wire Crate Black

Sold flat packed in a box perfect for shop displays and easy to assemble at home.  Plastic sliding bottom drawer and anti slip features. Perfect for traveling, or use at home. The wire crate can be stored in a small area when not in use, folded back to its original flat size. The wire crate has two doors which allows for easier loading of your pet. Easy to carry, with a handle included.