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M-Pets Bristle Brush

M-Pets Bristle brush smooths your pet's coat and evenly distributes oils creating shine.

M-Pets Dematting Tool

This tool is designed to remove difficult matting/knots from within your dogs coat.

M-Pets Double-sided Pin Brush

M-Pets Double-Sided Pin Brush is fantastic for general grooming of all sized dog breeds. Use the pin side of the brush to lift out loose hair and debris.

M-Pets Double-sided Slicker Brush

Double-Sided Slicker Brush assists with removing dead hair from your animals undercoat and topcoat, as well as helps brush out minor knots and tangles.

M-Pets Flea Comb

Fine toothed comb used to trap fleas, flea eggs and flea “dirt” in your pet's fur. This ergonomically designed comb is comfortable to use, and effective in removing fleas mechanically. These combs are great for removing fleas from pets that are too young to use common flea products.

M-Pets Oval Slicker Brush – Small

An easy grip slicker brush with strong fine bristles suited for short,medium and long haired dogs.

M-Pets Rubber Grooming Mitt

M-Pets Rubber Grooming Mitt is the perfect de-shedding glove that removes hair effortlessly form top to bottom while gently massaging your pet, improving blood circulation.