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M-Pets Cat Litter Bags Lavender Scented

10 lavender scented cat litter bags, for use in a cat litter tray to make cleaning easier. Suitable for 30 x 50 cm cat litter trays.

M-Pets Cat Litter Chrome Scoop

Chrome cat litter scoop for easy cleaning

M-Pets Cat Litter Mat

The M-Pets cat litter mat is for use in front of any cat litter tray. This cat litter mat is ideal for cleaning cats paws as the cat steps out of the litter tray to avoid any dirt being transferred onto the floor. the cat litter mat can also be used as a scratcher. Soft and durable, easy to clean and anti slip with a paw print design

M-Pets Cat Litter Scoop & Holder

Attach to or near your cat little box for convenient access.

M-Pets Cat Litter Scoop Large

Large cat litter scoop for easy cleaning