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Optimizor Complete Adult Beef

OPTIMIZOR COMPLETE ADULT DOG FOOD is a nutritionally sound and scientifically formulated dog food for adult dogs leading active lives. The addition of Omega 6 oils and VitaCARE make it the perfect well-balanced immune-boosting blend of vitamins and essential oils for a healthy, happy dog, all at an affordable price.

Optimizor Complete Puppy Beef

OPTIMIZOR COMPLETE PUPPY FOOD is a nutritionally sound and scientifically formulated dog food for puppies leading active lives. With Omega 6 and VitaCARE, OPTIMIZOR COMPLETE PUPPY the perfect balance of immune boosting vitamins, minerals and essential oils, for a healthy and active puppy, all at an affordable price.

Optimizor Premium Adult 2in1 Gravy Coated

OPTIMIZOR PREMIUM ADULT DOG FOOD 2IN1 GRAVY COATED with 23% protein, puts our new gravy coating technology to work to produce a delicious, gravy covered feast just by adding hot water.

Optimizor Premium Adult 2in1 Moist Meaty Chunks

OPTIMIZOR PREMIUM ADULT DOG FOOD 2IN1 MOIST MEATY CHUNKS, contains regular Optimizor chunks and moist meaty chunks. Through a specialised process of perfectly balancing increased moisture in our kibble, we can create chunks that stay moist and meaty, delivering mouth-watering chewy bits.

Optimizor Premium Adult Chicken & Rice

OPTIMIZOR PREMIUM ADULT DOG FOOD CHICKEN AND RICE with chicken and rice, now with 23% protein, is a high-quality dog food specially formulated for active dogs. Our resident animal nutritionist and veterinarian has ensured a balanced formula of high-quality poultry meal and rice, together with VitaCARE, all to ensure optimal levels of protein for strong muscles and promote a healthy immune system.

Optimizor Premium Puppy 2in1 Milky Bones

OPTIMIZOR PREMIUM PUPPY FOOD with Milky Bones contains 26% protein and easily digestible milk proteins for development and growth. The inclusion of easy-to-digest milk proteins in our kibble means that we can offer increased calcium in the form of ‘milky bones’ in our puppy food. Together with VitaCARE, and Omega 3 and 6, OPTIMIZOR PREMIUM PUPPY FOOD has everything your puppy needs for healthy growth and development.