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Olympic Professional Adult Dog Food

Olympic Professional Adult is a diet that optimises the health and well-being of your adult dog, keeping him/her in peak physical condition, while supporting an active and athletic lifestyle. Olympic Professional Adult is fully balanced and offers a smart, holistic health solution.

Olympic Professional Large Breed Puppy Food

Your large breed pup is growing and developing. Nurture him/her with the correct diet today, for lasting health tomorrow. Nutrition during the puppy life stage is the most important element in determining growth and development for the lifelong health of your pet. Olympic Professional Large Breed Puppy is specially formulated to maximise and pace your pup’s growth potential, while maintaining bone and cartilage health.

Olympic Professional Puppy Food

Your puppy has special nutritional needs. Rest assured that you can meet all your pup’s dietary requirements, effortlessly. Precious pups need higher protein, fat and energy levels for optimal growth and development. Olympic Professional Puppy offers just that, with the added peace of mind of gastrointestinal sensitivity control. Olympic Professional Puppy is the smart choice for small to medium-sized dogs.

Olympic Professional Senior & Lite Dog Food

A lifelong companion deserves lifelong care. Nourish your senior or overweight dog with a diet that supports ageing and healthy weight. Olympic Professional Senior & Lite strives to assist with the special requirements of ageing and weight control. Lower fat and increased fibre, along with added digestive security and joint support, are only some of the smart features in our limited-sensitivity formulation. We strive for quality of life, throughout life.

Olympic Professional Vital Conditioning Dog Food

Your active dog has unique energy needs. Feed him/her an enhanced-performance diet. Olympic Professional Vital Conditioning is formulated to meet the specific energy needs of active and working dogs of all breed sizes. The conditioning formulation offers special support for dogs with skin and digestive sensitivities, thus providing outstanding skin, coat and digestive health.

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Coat Care Functional Treats 170g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL COAT CARE treats are suitable for all dogs, paying special attention to your friend’s furry coat with the addition of omega 3 and 6. These treats are not only delicious, they also aid your dog in looking his or her best!

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Denta Care Functional Treats 170g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL DENTA CARE sticks contain a naturally-occurring marine limestone that is used (amongst others) as an active ingredient in toothpaste for humans. Its abrasive action helps to remove harmful tartar from the teeth, before it calcifies and turns into plaque. Say hello to your pooch’s fresh, minty breath!

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL Flaties Steak Meaty Treats 120g

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL MEATY TREATS are just waiting to be discovered by your dog’s wandering, wet nose! Your pooch will love our tasty FLATTIES that are packed with moreish meat and Omega 6 to keep their tails wagging and their skin and coats glistening!