All deliveries are between Monday to Friday 8:00am – 17:00pm.

Please be sure to supply an accurate delivery address.



Barking Mad Pet Products is a Cape Town-based business, with eyes on growing into a national brand one day!

For now, however, we are still a young business, and are limited to the areas we are able to service confidently. This does not mean that we will not go out of our way to service our customer’s needs, if it is within our power to do so, and the delivery can be done timelessly and cost-effectively for both parties.

Barking Mad Pet Product’s FREE DELIVERY schedule is as follows;

(The ‘delivery radius’ is calculated from the Barking Mad Pet Products’ operational office in Edgemead, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

  • 0 – 5km                  Free (no charge for delivery)
  • 5 – 10km                R20.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 11 – 15km             R30.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 16 – 20km             R40.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 21 – 25km             R50.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 26 – 30km             R60.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 31 – 35km             R70.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 36 – 40km             R80.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 41 – 45km             R90.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 46 – 50km             R100.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 51 – 60km             R120.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 61 – 70km             R140.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 71 – 80km             R160.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 81 – 90km             R180.00 (flat-rate levied)
  • 91 – 100km           R200.00 (flat-rate levied)



Upon delivery of your order, you will receive a copy of your invoice showing an itemized summary of the items delivered. You will also receive an email with the detailed invoice showing the product price details, the delivery fees, Value-Added Tax (where applicable), and the amount debited from your payment card.

You or your authorized representative receiving your order will be asked to sign a duplicate copy of the delivery note to confirm receipt. For verification purposes, the person accepting delivery at the delivery address may be required to produce a form of identification. Any person other than yourself who receives the products at the delivery address is presumed to be authorized to accept delivery on your behalf.

Should no-one be available to receive your order at the time of delivery, the driver will keep the products and leave a notice. Barking Mad Pet Products will contact you to make future arrangements for delivery or collection. Barking Mad Pet Products reserves the right to charge an additional delivery fee should it be required. Our liability for any delay in delivery is limited to re-delivery at a later agreed time at no additional charge.

Barking Mad Pet Products outsources all delivery and collection arrangements to third-party service providers. Accordingly, Barking Mad Pet Products cannot, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss or damage caused by them.



All deliveries are between Monday to Friday 8:00am – 17:00pm.

Please be sure to supply an accurate delivery address.

Barking Mad Pet Products has built its business on quality products and exemplary service, and you can expect the same levels of service when you place your order!

Deliveries are dependent on stock levels, thus a 3 – 5 working day delivery schedule applies to all orders. However, Barking Mad Pet Products strives to have all deliveries completed within 24 – 48 hours.

*Urgent orders: Should you need delivery ASAP, please email us, quote your order number, and state the specific terms of your URGENT delivery request. Please email [email protected]

In the event that Barking Mad Pet Products does not have the product/s in stock at the time of purchase, whether due to temporary unavailability, permanent unavailability, or the product has been discontinued, the customer will be notified, and given the option to accept a longer delivery period, exchange for an alternative product, or cancellation of the order and a full refund for the price paid for the product/s. It must be noted, that delivery fees will not be refunded where the unavailable product/s formed part of an order that included additional products, and the additional products that formed part of this order have been, or are still to be delivered.

In a case where the products a customer has purchased are not delivered within the agreed delivery period as specified in our Delivery Policy, The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (“ECT Act”) entitles any customer to cancel their order within 7 (seven) days.

Products for sale on Barking Mad Pet Products’ website may have a specific or extended lead time for delivery, which will be published and visible when a customer is shopping. This needs to be taken into account when a customer places their order, as part of our Delivery Policy.

All order cancellations must be done via email, please email [email protected]

For all canceled orders, our Returns Policy becomes applicable, the terms of which can be found here; Returns Policy



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