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Ascendis Health Oticlear Ear Care Solution Dogs/Cats 125ML

Oticlear is the ear cleaner for dogs and cats that they, and you have been waiting for! OtiClear keeps your pet’s ears clean, odour free and to prevent ear infections.  Maintaining pets ear health has just become easier.

Kyron BrightEye Liquid 100ML

The appearance of some animals, especially light-haired dogs such as Maltese poodles and certain breeds of cats (e.g. Persians), is often spoiled by unsightly dark streaks descending from the eye. These marks are caused by tear secretions and are normally not easy to remove. BrightEye is a buffered solution of ingredients for the safe and effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. The solution is mildly detergent and isotonic so it will not sting or irritate if accidentally placed in the eye.

Kyron Eyewash 30ML

Kyron Eye Wash is an innocuous solution formulated for use in the eye.It is isotonic and will not cause stinging. It cleanses and soothes the eye. Vets find it useful as an aid in examination of the eye and for clearing debris (e.g. in conjunctivitis, before medicating).

Kyron Gerivit Supplement for Geriatric Pets

What is Gerivit?
  • Procaine, vitamin-based supplement for Geriatric pets.
  • Assists animals experiencing symptoms of old age.
  • Formulated with micronutrients which improve general tone & condition of animals. Restores mental alertness.
  • Aids in the relief of age-related stiffness.

Ricky Litchfield Complete Care Wipes 10’s

Ricky Litchield Topical Gel is a easy-to-apply, fast acting topical gel. Available in: 10 Pack