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AVI Plus Parrot Treats

AVI Plus Parrot Treats & Parrot Puffs are tasty, healthy nibbles your bird will love as treats. They provide a healthy way for you to show your bird how special they are to you, while providing cage birds with some interesting variety and fun.

Daro Biscuit Treats for Birds

Daro Biscuit treats are a great, delicious treat for any bird.

Daro Chillies

Feeding your parrots Daro Chillies will help  reduce cholesterol levels, increase blood flow, aid digestion and its high levels of vitamin C far exceed a lemon. Parrots absolutely love chomping on chillies!

Daro Donut Bird Treats

Daro Donut treats are ideal for larger parrots. Easy to feed, they mix well with greens, fruit and seed mixes to provide a fun filled varied diet for your birds.

Daro Frootz Treats

Ideal for a tasty treat for your large bird.

Daro Monkey Nuts

Daro Healthy 'Monkey Nuts' mix for birds, an interesting addition to any diet - sure to be a hit with your pet

Daro Natural Millet Spray

Daro Natural Spray millet is left on the stalk and provides a great treat for birds. It has an appealing texture and delicate taste and satisfies a bird's need to forage by harvesting his own seed. Plus it provides entertainment and keeps birds busy!

Daro Peanuts

Healthy Peanut mix for birds, an interesting addition to any diet - sure to be a hit with your pet.

Daro Premier Nut Mix

Daro Premier Nut Mix is high in protein and a good source of fat which is good for the growth of your birds’ skin and feathers

Daro Puff Treats

Daro Puff Treats is a premium quality treat, ideal for parrots and large parakeets.

Natures Nest Avian Parrot Tea

Nature’s Nest Parrot Tea is a unique combination of rooibos and green tea extracts combined with a probiotic and vitamins to boost the bird’s immunity and create a healthy digestive tract. It dissolves easily into their drinking water.

Westerman’s Budgie Seed Bell Box (6)

Westerman's Budgie seed bells come with a little string for you to easily attach to a branch or wherever you see fit. Westerman’s Budgie Seed Bells include Yellow Millet, Red Millet & Oats